On Your Radar

On Your Radar hosted by WFUV's John Platt

John Platt, On Your Radar host

"The mixed format of On Your Radar brings a cross-pollination of musical styles to audiences. John Platt's brief interviews with each artist provides a nice introduction to the audience. Area venue operators in attendance have added many OYR acts to their rosters. I've gotten to meet many new acts that way myself. I never miss it!"
-Richard Cuccaro, "Acoustic Live NYC"

On Your Radar is a series on the second Tuesday of every month from 7-9 pm, curated and hosted by John Platt of WFUV's Sunday Breakfast program. Each evening is a triple bill of artists you won't want to miss, balancing national and regional acts like Red Molly, Richard Julian, and Caravan of Thieves with notable newcomers from the New York area. Each artist performs a 30 minute set, including a brief Q&A with John to set the scene.

Reservations for On Your Radar can be made in advance. ( Cover charge is $12.) Artist inquiries can be directed to jplatt@wfuv.org.

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7/14/09 Richard Julian
Jude Johnstone
Lucky 13

9/8/09 Phil Roy
Bob Malone
The Bittersweets

10/14/09 Glenn Patscha (Ollabelle)
Lili Anel
Lara Herscovitch

11/10/09 C Lanzbom
Chana Rothman

12/9/09 Dayna Kurtz
The Brilliant Inventions
Anna Dagmar

1/12/10 Pat Wictor
Abbie Gardner

2/9/10 Heather Masse
Madison Violet
Wendy Colonna

3/8/10 Harper Blynn
Rachel Davis
Caleb Hawley

4/13/10 Harlem Parlour Music Club
Zoe Mulford
Tripping Lily

5/11/10 Buskin & Batteau
Carsie Blanton
Eugene Ruffolo

6/8/10 Toby Walker
Layah Jane
Rob Morsberger

7/13/10 Caravan of Thieves
Parkington Sisters
Gathering Time

9/12/10 Diana Jones
Martyn Jospeh
Sally Spring

10/12/10 David Goldman
Rebecca Loebe
Raina Rose

11/9/10 Maura Kennedy Band
Avi Wisnia
K.C. Clifford

12/14/10 Angel Band
Robert Poe
Carolann Solebello

1/11/11 Mike & Ruthy
Seth Glier
Rose Cousins

2/8/11 Yarn
Greg Tannen
Rose Cousins

3/8/11 Spuyten Duvil
Jason Spooner
Barnaby Bright

4/12/11 Brother Sun
Jean Rohe Trio

5/10/11 Amy Speace
Fraser Anderson
The Winterlings

6/14/11 Greg Trooper
Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade

7/12/11 The Sweet remains
Annie Wenz
Liz Longley

8/9/11 Ana Egge
Round Mountain
Carrie Elkin

9/13/11 Mary Lee Kortes
P.J. Pacifico

10/11/11 We're About 9
Bill Steely & Where's Dave

11/8/11 Sultans of String
Marc Douglas Berardo
Hotels and Highways

12/13/11 Nik Rael
Whispering Tree
Christopher Brown

1/10/12 Roosevelt Dime
Amber Rubarth
John Flynn

2/14/12 Pierce Pettis
Grace Pettis

3/13/12 Pesky J. Nixon
Jonathan Byrd
The Ya Yas

4/10/12 Kim & Reggie Harris
Beggar's Ride
Doug & Telisha Williams

5/8/12 Gathering Time
Jory Nash
Honor Finnegan

6/12/12 The Stray Birds
Hoots & Hellmouth
Paul Sachs

7/10/12 Chana Rothman & C Lanzbom
Freddie Stevenson
Loretta Hagen

8/14/12 Marc Von Em
Kath Buckell
Rock Paper Scissors

9/11/12 Anna Dagmar
Adam Levy

10/9/12 Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem
Sarah McQuaid
Rebecca Loebe

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