Andrew Vladeck

Andrew Vladeck

Once a Park Ranger tending the wooded headlands of – of all places – New York City’s Central Park, Andrew Vladeck wandered off to range with his music. He brought with him his pleasure for combining contrary things – the city and country, the historical and the modern, and sought ways to blend them together in song.

The NYC-born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist writes music that has its roots in folk and rock, with touches of various other genres influencing individual songs. On his upcoming album, tentatively titled Long Shadow, Andrew moves closer to vintage rock. On different tracks one may hear influences of some of the great songwriters: Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Nick Drake, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Tom Waits, Paul Simon - with touches of his generational peers: Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Josh Ritter, Ray LaMontagne.

Many of the songs on this album were initially inspired by books - many from the fun and rollicking Buchwick Book Club which he’s been attending for the past year, where members have to write a song based on the book of the month. Long Shadow’s songs are playful and soulful stories of yearning and of becoming, of chasing dreams and visions while reckoning and fighting with reality, of tenacity, of hope, of persistence. Several of the songs were the results of co-writes. After returning from Nashville last fall, Andrew realized the high caliber of his NYC music friends and started writing with as many as he could fit into his schedule. Four of those collaborations made it onto the record: songs written with Sydney Wayser, Adam Levy, Dave Doobenin, and his old friends in The Honey Brothers. In fact, Andrew wrote more songs in the past year than any year in his life, and he and producer Paul Loren were able to have a ton of songs to choose from for this record. (Much more info on the making of album, to come!)

Vladeck was born in Manhattan and raised just upstate near the Appalachian Trail. His music-loving family had three vintage jukeboxes filled with MoTown and Doo Wop 45s, an old upright piano and a guitar. His brother was consumed with Hip Hop, his twin sister with Country. To this day, Andrew listens almost exclusively to old blues and hillbilly records music recorded before 1940, from Robert Johnson to Hobart Smith. He also listens to a lot of NPR. He began experimenting immediately, welding the edges of the different sounds he was hearing to form his own style, soldering pickups into his various old-time instruments because he loved their vibe but wanted more juice to play them at downtown clubs.

Recently returned from a European tour and a regular at venues in New York, Andrew was featured on BBC’s The World, and was voted NYC Artist of the Month in The Deli Magazine. He’s opened for Andrew Bird, The National, Soulive, Marah, Hem, Brothers Creegan, Alejandro Escovedo, and many others. He’s also a founding member of the indie folk quintet The Honey Brothers and the folk collective Balthrop, Alabama.

Andrew is in the studio finishing up a new record. Produced by Paul Loren (The Well-Informed) and mixed by D. James Goodwin in Woodstock, NY. The album includes songs co-written with Sydney Wayser, Adam Levy, and Dave Doobenin. Lauren Balthrop, Chris Buckridge, and Jason Lawrence are all featured on the album. It is due out sometime this coming winter.

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