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Why does the person who updates this page never post reader questions?

I know for a fact some of y'all are submitting interesting/rude/funny/nerdy questions because my mom has definitely been submitting shit and it goes unposted. People are claiming that they've tried to post questions to no avail, the administrator of the site never posts them. Let us theorize why this is the case:

1. sabotage - someone is setting me up to look like a buster-ass fool when I can't come up with ideas for columns. Soon everyone will know I'm a giant fraud who knows nothing about music....oh fudge, did I say that out loud?

2. delusion - I email this column to the living room and they're like "wtf" and deposit it in the trash and I only imagine that it's posted on the Living Room website, and am waiting for non-readers to posit questions for my non-column . Or maybe the living room doesn't exist. Or maybe.......the INTERNET doesn't exist o_O

3. espionage - the CIA is intercepting your queries and you're all being audited next year

4. resentment - you're all still butthurt about my grateful dead column

Comparing Female Bass Players

Do you know of Tal Winkenfeld?
Have you met Tal Winkenfeld?
Do you think she is a different type of bass player than you? meaning does she play only Jazz & not Rock?
I think she's hot but you're incredible.
Did your long bus tour contribute to your infections?
When will you be appearing around town?
Be nice to see you again.
Full of questions, Tom

questions and basses

How come no body ever asks the bass player a
serious question? And I'm not only refering
to this column.


When do you first remember feeling that you loved the bass so much and hearing it made you feel so good that you wanted to play it well enough to evoke the same feeling in others? If that wasn't your motivation, what was then?


Did you wink at me at FloydFest this past summer? You rolled a bottle of water to my general direction and winked but some little kid took the bottle, that bastard! I've told everyone that the bottle and wink were both for me but none of them believe me without proof.

I remember those poor thirsty

I remember those poor thirsty looking kids up front, and I remember rolling the water bottles at them! It was eleventy-four degrees that day!! Alas, I'm not really a winker, especially at grown men. Maybe I was just so moved by my own performance that I had to link back a tear


Where are your favorite NYC places to shop for clothes?

JIM I was just thinking about

JIM I was just thinking about writing about that. I don't know what kind of strings are on my p-bass but I have *opinions* about shopping

Bass strings are boring!

Bass strings are boring!

The Magic Shop NY - Celebrating 20 Years of Great Music

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