Yellowbirddd (yes, three Ds) is the brainchild of Boston's Liam McCormick. Its lyric-driven folk pop could be the soundtrack for twentysomethings in love, or about to be in love, with vivid, candid perspectives that find McCormick wading in a pool filled with cliches, and yet coming out dry.

On the recordings, McCormack plays guitar, bass, percussion and sings in an earnest voice gems like the intimate "Race To The Shadows" or the clever "We Could Be Indie" ("like a thrift-store shopping spree") all with an ache in his voice, and an acoustic guitar with a sparkling tone.

And while other artists are entrenched in the endless debate over file-sharing, Yellowbirddd chose a different route; you can download complete albums via bandcamp (http://bandcamp.com/), for free. Really.
(Schenectady Times Union)

Yellowbirddd is the stage name for mild-mannered singer/songwriter Liam McCormack. This Brooklyn-by-way-of-Boston lone wolf plays frail and beautiful with profound melancholy. If you dig the stuff Chris Whitley did..., Yellowbirddd is for you. DIY to a fault, McCormack books himself coast to coast and all of his music is available for free download from his website yellowbirddd.com, or bandcamp.com
(Rochester City Paper)

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