Xenia Sky

Xenia Sky is a singer-songwriter who uses the stage to command an audience with her soulful voice and clever lyrics. At just 21, Xenia has released a full-length record, gone on tour, and opened for Marshall Crenshaw and Amy Kuney. In 2009 she was signed to New Jersey-based record label, Seraphic Records. On her record, "Way Back Home" she not only plays guitar, piano and mandolin, but also organized string sections and coproduced. The record has been heard on various college and public radio stations. In May of 2012 she released the single “Adam and the Fire”. She is at work writing and getting ready to record again.

Xenia has a unique voice to categorize, one that hasn’t been heard before. Because of her attention-grabbing songs and performance, she has gained a following in New York, where she currently resides. She has played Nashville Songwriter’s Festival, International Folk Alliance Festival (Tennessee), and Southeast Regional Folk Alliance (North Carolina). She will be touring heavily this year in Canada, the East Coast, and West Coast. She studies poetry at The New School.

"Her music is soulful, and her sultry voice hypnotizing." (Muneeza Iqbal, The Villager)

"I've had the immense pleasure of sharing the stage with this amazing young lady, and I cannot properly put into words the impact her brief stay on stage has left in me. If you came to this page under false pretenses, know that you will leave more than content. Her lyrics flow like poetry and are full of literary ingenuity. Her voice is of seraphic quality, mellow, soulful, yet showing restraint, never going far enough as to sound self-aggrandizing. The real hook here is the songwriting. Xenia's pop sensibilities sound as though they've been fed a steady diet of Leonard Cohen and Neil Young, while the music is reminiscent of the latter's more folky material. Though Xenia has clear influences, she utilizes that knowledge while injecting it with her frighteningly acute sense of creativity and melody. This record is not to be ignored." (iTunes Review)

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