The Well-Informed

At the heart of The Well-Informed’s music lies an honesty that harkens back to the golden days of pop. With nods to mid-60’s Beatles and Beach Boys and allusions to The Band and Harry Nilsson, the Well-Informed are Pop-Revivalists in the pure sense - their music sounds like tomorrow and at once feels like the best kind of yesterday. In short, Evan Duby and Paul Loren, the group’s two lead singers and songwriters, sing songs that will move you.

Formed in 2010, this three-piece from Brooklyn has been creating a stir all over the city for the past year with their whirlwind busking tour of street corners and farmers' markets. The Well-Informed have carved out an audience amongst a vast urban spread on what they’ve called their “Fancy Chance Tour.” Armed with a kick drum, accordion, acoustic guitar and stellar two-part harmonies, the band has solidified their sincere approach to performance, while making friends and fans along the way.

In September, the group was invited to close the well-attended DUMBO Arts Festival in Brooklyn, playing an hour-long set that highlighted the very best of both their electric and acoustic efforts. The Well-Informed was also recently featured on Brooklyn Independent TV’s “Neighborhood Beat”.

Set to release their debut LP in mid-2012, the band is currently working out of Saltlands Studio with a collection of collaborators from bands like Yellowbirds, Rocketship Park and The Poison Tree. The Well-Informed are eager to propel this record outside of Brooklyn and bring their Pop-Revivalist sound to the masses.

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