Vic Varney

"A huge influence on REM. God bless Vic Varney."
~ Peter Buck, REM

"A startling natural resource of songs which defy description: introspective without being pretentious, narrative without being cliched."
~ Flagpole Magazine

"...Vic Varney has resurfaced with a gorgeous solo album...that crosses Nick Drake and James Agee..."
~ Holly George-Warren, Village Voice

...inventive mix of traditional songwriting with an inventive, rich lyricism...bears resemblance to the jazz-influenced side of Nick Drake, Van Morrison and Joni Mitchell."
~ Flagpole Magazine

"Varney's intuitive finger-style guitar is equally evocative of Mississippi John Hurt and Jobim, a good fit for his gauzy, Nick Drake-inspired vocals."
~ Nashville Sound

~ Nick Tosches

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