Tory Hanna & The Pondsiders

'Pondside' is Here!! My first ever professionally produced and recorded album. I am pleased to bring the Pondsiders to the Living Room to rock the album and release my CD in hard copy form!!!

Every since I was a kid I dreamed of making music, rocking out on stage, and ultimately cutting my very own album. Something that might read "Tory" on the cover! Its pretty wild, but after just over a year in New York City, my epic dream has come true! I committed to this journey and it has been so incredibly fun, while also yielding an incredible amount of personal fulfillment.

What are the 'Tunes from Pondside'? Really, they are a simple reflection of me, my music, how I express myself, and my life. A guy from western Massachusetts growing up, living, loving, and having fun along the way. For those of you who don't know, Pondside is a very special place in Buckland, Massachusetts, where my family the Hannas, and my second family the Hecks, joined for years to swim, lounge, sunbath, and play winter hockey. We grew up at Pondside, became adults, continued to share stories and memories and created wonderful friendships down there by the water! It is a special place which was a huge part of my childhood and adulthood alike. I chose the title because the tunes on this album embody the spirit of youth, fun, love, storytelling and all that is and was Pondside.

This project has been so incredible. Needless to say, I want to start another project... like tomorrow! So keep your eyes peeled, another will be coming down the pipeline!

I am supported by so many wonderful people, and thus wanted to throw two Release shows, one for my fans in NYC and one for my hometown folks! So this evening will be the first of two rock-Operas! Come by and chill, dance, be merry, and enjoy the sounds of Pondside live and unfiltered!!!

11pm following the incredibly talented Craig Martinson and the Heartbeats at 10pm!

One love,
TORY HANNA & the Pondsiders


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