Steve Waitt

Steve Waitt resides in Brooklyn, NY. After leaving New Orleans 6 years ago, Steve has made company with some of the top musicians and producers in the city. He continues to pack rooms in Manhattan and Brooklyn, heading up what Stomp and Stammer Magazine call “a dangerously good band.” His roots in folk, blues and jazz, Steve has turned yet another new corner with his newest anticipated release. In 'A Ghost You Let In' (finished in May 2012), Steve Waitt, along with a all-star lineup of musicians and producer Len Monachello, mix together a blend of alt-folk, indie, and electronica to create rich multi-layered textures without losing the heart and simplicity of the song. In his previous releases, 'Blue Parade', and 'Like Water' there is this definite sense of the reflective. Not so much directly of himself, but rather of himself through the lives and stories of those he met. From singing in huts by the beach in Mexico, to watching faces he'd play to in the French Quarter, there are no shortage of shadows and voices in the stories told there. The upbeat numbers are sung with an intensity showing a yearning for escape into a temporary drowning of the senses. Currently Steve can be found doing what he loves most, touring. In the Fall of 2012 you can find him along with his 4 piece band touring Belgium, Holland and Germany supporting their newest release. See 'Shows' page to find a gig near you.

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