SPUTNIK is a new band that is quickly becoming one of the truly essential groups of our time. It’s “The Bonnie & Clyde of Rock & Roll” Led by singer/songwriter Genie Morrow, formerly of LONGWAVE and the infamous Nigel Rawles on the traps. Also included in the mix are Mic Rains & Colin McInerney on guitar, Pemberton Roach on bass and Joe Drew on trumpet. These guys inspire a mixture of pop, powered interplay with dreamy & irresistible melodies. Ballads of survival are the themes of Genie Morrow’s songs. Her lyrics and ethereal yet gritty voice take the listener to wondrous places from the fields of Salinas, CA, outerspace, and the powerlines on old Cape Cod...

All of this intertwined with Mic’s alternately tuned guitars and cosmic affects and Nigel’s Keith Moonesque presence creates quite an exciting blend of sounds and spirit!

SPUTNIK has performed in various venues in New York and up the east coast : FEZ, KNITTING FACTORY, CBGB's, CB's Gallery,LIVINGROOM ,ARLENE’S GROCERY, Luna Lounge in NYC

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