The Snow

The Snow is a cinematic literary-pop quartet from Brooklyn, New York.

Beginning in 2006, Pierre de Gaillande and Hilary Downes collaborated on made-to-order songs written as wedding gifts and birthday presents. The songs sounded good, so they continued to write and record together for fun. Some West Coast musician friends invited them on a midsummer tour of Russia, Sweden and Finland. The night before disembarking, they scrambled to find a name for their act. An eponymous novel stared at them from the shelf, conjuring images of an element in constant transformation -- they settled quickly on The Snow. A band was born.

The Snow’s influences are as diverse as its sound – having been described in turns as post-apocalyptic French cabaret, gypsy pop, and carnival Americana.

The band is comprised of de Gaillande (Bad Reputation, Melomane, Morning Glories) on vocals, guitar, and banjo; Downes on vocals and keys; Jeffrey Schaeffer on drums and Christian Bongers (Falcon, Hurricane Bells) on electric and upright bass.

The band’s gorgeous debut, True Dirt, was recorded and mixed at Trout Studios by acclaimed producer Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Apples in Stereo, Sean Lennon, EvanDando, Sebadoh) and was released on Vermillion Music in the spring of 2008.

Their follow-up, I Die Every Night, was released in early 2010, recorded by Shannon Ferguson at Serious Business Studios in New York. Additional tracking was
done with Daniel Weintraub in New York, as well as in Ucross, Wyoming -- where de Gaillande spent a month
in residence.

The Snow returns for a third outing, Disaster is Your Mistress, its most complex and lushly orchestrated album to date. Veteran engineer Charles ‘Chicky’ Reeves (Radiohead, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Tito Puente) navigates haunting classical "flourishes, Motown horns and Beatlesque pop
soundscapes to take the listener on an unexpected sonic journey. Think of Serge Gainsbourg hitching a ride with Carole King and Fiona Apple
in a boat atop rolling rapids of champagne.

The Snow

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