Senator and The New Republic

Ask most aspiring musicians what they hope their music careers will turn out like and you can expect a list of stereotypical mentions, including: wild parties, extravagant homes, fast cars and multitudes of crazed fans.

But when Adam Greenberg was posed this question, his response was a bit more humble: I’d just love to walk down the street one day and hear someone whistling one of my songs. Adam’s modest response mirrors his easygoing personality to perfection, but this singer/songwriter’s inviting demeanor is just a singular part of what makes his band, "Senator", the people’s favorite.

Adam’s voice possesses a haunting quality which is not only emotive and pitch-perfect in several octaves, but also perfectly accompanied by a handpicked group of some of the finest musicians in New York City.

Along the road an eclectic group of musical influences have shaped Adam’s life. The Zombies, Harry Nilsson, Al Green, XTC, Stevie Wonder, and ELO just to name a few.

His vocals have drawn comparisons to names like Harry Nilsson, Thom Yorke, Elliott Smith and Mark Mulcahy, while his song writing skills have listeners murmuring the names Brian Wilson, Rufus Wainwright and Todd Rundgren.

Of course, all of this is just words on a page; to really get to know Senator’s stirring sounds you should drop by and take a listen for yourself. Adam’s passionate lyrics and haunting vocals will leave you feeling like you’ve known him forever, undoubtedly questioning why you haven’t.

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