Sarah and Lindsay

Sarah & Lindsay is an acoustic, jazz/pop vocal duo from Nashville, Tennessee. Sarah Williams and Lindsay George are two extremely talented songwriters, stellar vocalists and best friends. They began their 12in12 recording project in January, 2012, co-writing and recording one song each month for the year 2012. Their unique voices and varying musical backgrounds blend together to provide a new style and new sound that appeals to audiences of all ages.

Both Sarah and Lindsay have solo careers outside of 12in12. Sarah released her album Ruby in 2009 and toured regionally in support of the release. Ruby has garnered radio airplay and continues bring Sarah new fans each year.

Lindsay released her first album, Living Inside Out, in 2009. She received radio play on jazz stations across the country and was featured in SESAC magazine. Songs from Living Inside Out have been featured in Californication, The Finder, and other feature films and television series. Most recently, Lindsay penned a song with co-writer Jamie Slocum that was featured in the trailer and soundtrack for the feature film, “You May Not Kiss the Bride,” starring Katherine McPhee and David Annable.

Sarah and Lindsay

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