Ryan Traster

Ryan Traster is a Minneapolis-bred singer/songwriter currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. His music weaves a rich narrative of place as a temporary construct as he explores the wide-open spaces of the Midwest, the suffocating streets of New York, and the streets, tracks, and flight paths that lie between them. Guided by his smooth tenor, strong sense of melody, and timeless arrangements, Ryan’s songs trace a lineage from the AM dial of the ‘70s to the iPod playlists of today. Taking a classic approach to the process of making an album, the five songs that comprise The Tourists EP began as a vision in the form of demos that was realized by a live band tracking the songs as an ensemble. In July of 2009 and May of 2010, Ryan was joined at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis by longtime friend Michael McGarthwaite on electric guitars, pedal steel, and banjo; Marc Perlman (The Jayhawks) on bass; Peter Anderson (The Honeydogs, Polara, Golden Smog) on drums and percussion; and Jim O’Neill on keyboards, with friends Danny Wolf and Carly Rosenbrook providing backing vocals. With producer Ed Ackerson at the helm, The Tourists EP finds Ryan in his element in the Americana genre, and serves as a document of reflection on his time in both his native and adoptive cities.

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