Ryan Hobler

Until he was five years old, Ryan Hobler was just your average, baseball-loving, school-hating, and comic-collecting boy. Raised in Westchester, NY, he and his family were living the good life, happy as can be, and not a rock in the road. In a way, it was a dream.

The murder of his grandfather changed all that.

That senseless tragedy changed Ryan irrevocably. But, surprisingly, it didn't ruin him. Instead, Ryan woke up to the reality of life, death, and everything in between. He started to see and hear things differently. Conversations were not just strings of words and sentences anymore. Artworks were not just pictures on the wall. And music, well, music wouldn't stay in the background any longer.

Soon, Ryan's only outlet was his words and music his only release. He has poured himself into songwriting ever since

The Magic Shop NY - Celebrating 20 Years of Great Music

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