Ronnie Dennis

If you ask Ronnie Dennis what album changed his life he’ll tell you “Ten Cent Wings” by Jonatha Brooke. That it made him fall in love with music…maybe for the first time. That was back in 1999 while recording (with his former band Ninth Hour) with producer Ed Cash. Since that winter night music has been Ronnie’s life.

After a 9 year run with Ninth Hour, Ronnie ended up in Manhattan leading worship for a new church. It was there, in the city, where he started to write songs. He soon met and fell in love with his wife and somehow convinced her to move back to his hometown of Jackson, MS.

In 2009 he recorded his first EP, For Someone, with friend and producer Neilson Hubbard (Matthew Perryman Jones, Tyler James). Over the past couple years Ronnie has been writing and putting together a collection of songs that has now become his first full-length album “Gone is the Day”. He again teamed up with producer Neilson Hubbard to record these new songs of life, loss and love.

His hope is that one day his music will do for someone what the music of Jonatha Brooke did for him back in ’99.

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