Raphael McGregor

I'm a freelance lap steel and guitar player based in Brooklyn. I'm pretty much obsessed wih the lap steel, and spend whatever free time I have between gigs and teaching practicing it and trying to push the limits of the instrument. I believe it's capable of playing with as much versatility as a guitar, and if you don't believe me, come see me play sometime! You can check my website for gigs and a more complete, professional bio, pictures, video, downloadable tunes and more. You can also leave your contact info so we can get in touch and I can let you know when I'm playing next. Also, I have a small project studio in Brooklyn where I produce things for myself and others...if you're interested in having some lap or guitar on your record, if you need a beat made, or if you need some good background music for a film or other commercial, please be in touch.

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