The Ramblers

"The Ramblers sound like an ’80s update on Creedence, and their first album led to a support slot with Levon Helm." - Time Out New York, Sep 3 2009, Joe's Pub show preview

"As smooth and palatable as the finest Tennessee sippin' whiskey...their very own distinguishable brand of soul music fused with the sweetest elements of Americana.... The band's strength lays in a gritty, feel-good roots sound that can't fail but to stir the soul and warm the blood. The Ramblers flourish in a live environment, feeding off of the raw, muddy atmosphere and delivering the type of un-shackled music that has stood the test of time. In our current climate, who couldn't use the pick me up!?" -Joel Crane, www.rebelspiritmusic.com

"I caught The Ramblers' performance two weeks ago at Joe's Pub where they featured songs off their debut release as well as some new numbers. The captivating four-piece wowed all in the venue with their versatility as many around me could be seen dancing in their seats...The way the band segued from heavier rock 'n' roll to soul, country and folk was impressive. One moment the listener felt he was in a small, New Orleans jazz club and the next, Nashville at a dirt-filled honky tonk — no small feat for a band...The Ramblers had much to offer their audience. Whatever music you favor, The Ramblers are sure to please one of your desires." Annie Reuter, NY Examiner, Sept 16, 2009, www....com/ramblers-examiner

The Ramblers are a New York City-based quartet with an established and loyal following. After the release of their 2008 debut album, The Ramblers, at Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble in Woodstock, the band toured the US, and have since been building steadily in New York at venues such as Living Room, Rockwood Music Hall, and Joe's Pub.

The Ramblers

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