''Start All Over Again'' is the latest batch of recordings from Brooklyn band, QUINTUS. Produced by songwriter troubadour Reuben Chess, the songs are a patchwork of recordings tracked in friends' apartments, and mixed in-between, and underneath the Brooklyn railroads. The collection documents 5 years of the band's life/near-death, and is the long-lost follow up to "The Shape We're In" EP, produced by and featuring musical pioneer, Levon Helm.

✰ "Quintus is one of my favorite new bands. The boys play with a respect for each other I've not seen in such a young band before, like they've been playin' together for years." -Levon Helm

✰ "These guys are pretty good, and not in the shitty kinda way."
-Scott Rogowsky (The Onion)

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