Poor Richard

The members of Poor Richard, high school classmates in the ‘90s, have been creating music, both together and in different lineups, for over 15 years. Having played in various combinations—The Eye of Horus, The Lazy Susans, Wookout!, The Kouyate Boyz, and The Moss—Poor Richard is a homecoming, uniting four old friends and collaborators. The chemistry of the current lineup was at once apparent, and the music Poor Richard has created to date has been some of the most rewarding of the members’ musical careers.

Poor Richard draws its influence from a variety of sources, though its members are all devotees of American rock music. From classic rock and jam band influences such as The Band, The Grateful Dead, Phish, and Steely Dan, to folk and traditional music, bluegrass, and West African rhythms, Poor Richard’s music is the combination of its member’s shared tastes and their varied life experiences. Poor Richard’s original music combines spontaneous improvisation with innovative song structures and powerful, lasting messages. Songs such as “Sad Waltz”, “You Told Me Once”, and “Heresy” offer an introspective, honest look inside the artists themselves, while “Smack Face Mama”, “Brain Grenade”, “Letter from the Orient”, and “70 Women” offer a more roguish take on youth and social mores.

The members of Poor Richard hail from New York, New England, and San Francisco, though all currently call New York City home.

Poor Richard

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