Paper Garden Records

While Paper Garden started as a simple independent record label, it has grown into a company that is multi-tiered in its approach to working with bands. Now with Paper Garden Publicity and Paper Garden’s Lovely Hearts Club in addition to the original Paper Garden Records, we are able to work with bands no matter the stage they are at and bridge the gap between great music and a band’s success. Paper Garden is a U.S. based company, but has now broadened its reach to many additional markets worldwide.

Employees and affiliates boast a vast array of experience and hail from locations around the world. Staff members have spent extensive time working with Sub Pop Records, Saddle Creek Records, Interscope Records, EMI Records, The MuseBox, and Flatstock, as well as with such events as the Pop Montreal, NXNE, Laneway, SXSW, and CMJ.

Paper Garden Records implements creative and non-traditional methods in order to maximize success and develop its artists on an individual basis.

In addition, Paper Garden Records is proud to be a “green” label, actively working to support the environmental movement.


1PM - Gold Lake
We are a band. And we are members of The Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Long-Haired Men.

2PM - Stone Cold Fox
STONE COLD FOX is a musical project based out of Brooklyn, New York. Their debut release "The Young EP" brings a sound that is catchy and cinematic with hints of nostalgia. Their latest single "Seventeen" off of their upcoming debut LP takes a rockier approach and has been featured on MTV, FILTER, Baeble, The Deli Magazine and more.

SW/MM/NG is just a friendly reminder that everything is ending so love your lunch! A dreamy psychedelic soundtrack to your summer. The background music to your first romantic encounter, the noise of fireworks in a beach fire.

4PM - The City & Horses
“The City and Horses is singularly-named Brooklyn songwriter Marc, whose aching, strummy indie-pop could be described by a lesser ear as twee. Not us, Marc! We prefer to focus on the literary bent, the folksy thrust, the chamber strains. His sound may be sweet, but it’s not precious by a mile.” – RCRD LBL

ARMS is TG, Tlacael, and a few others depending on the situation. Our new EP, called "EP2", will be out later this summer.

6PM - Vadoinmessico
Vadoinmessico are a psychedelic-pop band formed in London during 2007. The Group consists of Giorgio Poti, Salvador Garza, Stefan Miksch, Alessandro Marrosu and Aurelien Bernard. The band has a geographically varied sound, which reaches out even beyond the different origins of its members (France, Mexico, Austria and Italy).

The Magic Shop NY - Celebrating 20 Years of Great Music

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