Nadia Ackerman

Singer, Songwriter, Artist and Yogi

Born in Melbourne, Australia to Africaans parents, Nadia is the 3rd child of 4. From a very early age her desire to be heard was apparent.

Nadia began singing at the age of three in her crib. She would wake up her parents at 4am singing “ Don’t Cry For me Argentina” and The Mull of Kintyre with perfect pitch and a lisp.

Nadia’s parents were both extremely musical. Her mother, Tess the lead soprano opera singer in the church choir in Cape Town and Peter, her father had music oozing out of his skin. He could play any instrument he picked up and his ear for harmony was extraordinary.

It was Peter who realized the musical talent in Nadia. While all of the other kids were surfing at the beach Nadia would be in her bedroom singing harmonies to all of the Beatles albums as well as the Carpenters and Simon and Garfunkel…to name a few! Nadia was also extremely artistic. When it came time to graduate from High School Nadia thought she had to make a decision. She chose music and left the art behind. After the loss of her father when she was 17 her tenacity, talent and drive took her from Australia to Asia, Canada and New York City..where she now resides.

From performances on morning broadcasts in Australia to Hotel Contracts in Asia singing Jazz to singing backing vocals at Carnegie Hall with the likes of Sting, Billy Joel and James Taylor…She has been on quite the journey.

Nadia spent years studying and performing jazz. Nancy Wilson, Carmen MacRae and Betty Carter became her teachers.

Out of the blue, mid June 2006 Nadia began hearing songs in her head. Lyrics, Melodies, Harmony and Phrasing. The songs arrived in a complete form and more often than not she was writing two songs a day.. Having never written a song in her life she was a little perplexed as to what to do with it.

Today Nadia has written over 150 compositions and she’s back into drawing…Which leads us to her new books. Nadia has composed a body of work that coincides with her artistic ability. She has put together gift/novelty books. The story are her lyrics the drawings paint the picture of the song and there is a CD in the back so that you can experience the music.

Hold onto your hats because Nadia is just getting warmed up!

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