Miguel and The Ocean Swell

Miguel and the Ocean Swell is dedicated to the sacred art of crafting lasting songs. Songs that grab you, twist you and turn your emotions with the pen’s slight of hand. The band performs occasionally in the New York area. The Swell‘s founder, lead singer and songwriter is Mike Rinzel. In the 1990s he regularly performed and toured the East Coast as lead guitarist of NYC-based group Poolsville and coined the phrase “slop pop” to describe the band’s approach to sound. While in Poolsville he was also a pioneer in streaming music as co-host of a weekly live performance Internet Radio show in the mid-90′s at Pseudo.com.

Miguel and the Ocean Swell’s regular roster also includes Rinzel’s lifelong music collaborator and brother Mark Rinzel (The Jupiter Deluxe, The Neutron Drivers) who plays bass and harmony vocals. Alan Swift-Camlet (Hoboken Recorders, Paul Collins band) joined the band on Drums in 2010. Sometimes New Orleans-based keyboardist Bill Malchow and guitarists Pete Thompson and Oscar Bautista have recorded and performed with the band.

In Summer and Fall 2010, Miguel and the Ocean Swell began work on a full length independent release LP. The band digitally released its first single in January 2011 followed by a physical release and debut album later in 2011. The album is being recorded at Hoboken Recorders by Alan Camlet.

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