MC Hansen

"Hello there, my name is M.C Hansen.
I travel the world and sing for people. I've been on the road since the summer of 2003 when I finally pulled the plug on the intellectual world and decided to sing. Sing my way around the world, sing to make sense, sing to understand, sing to describe, sing to be together, sing for money, "to sing myself".

I have new album out called "3" recorded in three different places with three different bands.
Part 1 is the folky album with acoustic intruments around the song. On Part 2 I brought in my Danish band and recorded everything live in a big room. Part three is the experimental album where we ran the accordion through a wah-wha pedal and I sang into a can. Together they represent the three musical personalities I have. The part I understand, the part I make up and the part I didn't know existed.

I find myself 9 years down the road from where I took off and what was once a one-way street is now a crooked highway with several lanes to choose from.
I travel that highway with my band, with my friends around the world and sometimes I travel alone. Either way audiences on the roadside meet me with friendly smiles,
understanding eyes, doubt, disagreement, words of comfort, questions and their view on things.
I wouldn't wanna be without any of those.
see you out there!
M.C Hansen

"MC Hansen was both easy on the ears and a joy to watch"
(Paul O'Brien, Manchester Evening Post)

"Songs that you actually expect from a seasoned American singer-songwriter, more than from a resident of the Northern Europe. This seems to us the best compliment this singing songsmith can receive". 
(www.ctrlaltcountry.be Belgium)

”Man, this guy was a throwback. I can only say to search out this man's music and enjoy it I was quite smitten with it by the end of his set” 
(Samuel Barker, Houston Music Review)

The songs are catchy and they remind me of a slightly more subdued Langhorne Slim (who I like a lot). Hansen hails from Denmark, but his sound is quite Americana if not universal.” (David Hintz, Folk World, Germany)

"I like this. Honest nice and stripped down folk / roots from Denmark.I like the production, not far from swedish band The tallest Man on Earth, and the songwriting is good in a traditionally way. In addition, his voice sounds deep and clear." 
(Petter Seander Red Hot Rock Magazine, Sweden)

"The sound of Pariah is in fact its most convincing aspect, it shows a sensitive touch and the ability to seem like the real thing and not a pale imitation. In fact, in some instances, this album even teaches a good lesson to its American cousins.” 
(Fabio Cerbone Roots Highway, Italy)

”Good Americana rock does not necessarily come from the States.
(Rootsville.be, Belgium)

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