Matt Singer

First let me say that I represent Brooklyn but I was raised out of Jersey.

Now then, I wrote my first song when I was four years old, sitting on the floor of my father’s office, in a Manhattan law firm, where he was not happy. The song was called Beep-Beep-Bop-Bop-Bop-Beep – that was the hook anyway. Recording it on my dad’s Dictaphone, the message I was trying to get across was that brushing your teeth is fun, and important. Now my father is a psychologist and he is happy.

I wrote my second song 16 years later, not because I had a good idea but because I was sad and lonely. I don’t remember the lyrics or the melody, and I could not tell you the song title, but it might have been called Sad and Lonely. Boring, yes, and certainly a less important work than “Beep,” but nevertheless crucial to my development, because the second song led to a third, and the third to a fourth, and when I had a full set of original music I summoned the courage to play at an open mic, where Kimya said, “Dude, I feel like I wrote that song,” and the rest is history.

Now the very fact that I am writing a bio(graphy) implies a certain level of self-importance (true) and a certain degree of achievement (sorta) and/or can be boiled down to the fact that every reasonably gifted musician is expected to write one (I am a total conformist). Anyhow, rather than write about all the great venues I have played, all the obscenely talented artists with whom I have shared a stage, and all the other details of my musical life that illustrate how great I am, all awkwardly stated in 3rd person (see all other Matt Singer bios, 2001-2008), I think I’ll just say goodbye, for now. Besides, if you want to see all that other stuff, it’s not so hard to find.

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