Matt Epp

Matt Epp is a troubadour in the purest sense. He lives on the road and crafts his songs from his experiences, from Mexico to Newfoundland and everywhere in between. His new album 'Safe or Free' is a testament to that lifestyle influenced by the geography of his travels and the relationships he develops along the way. Co-Produced with John Paul Peters (Waking Eyes, Comeback Kid) and recorded at Private Ear Studios in Winnipeg, MB, 'Safe or Free' proves Epp Canada's folk-soul mystery collaborator.

The 12 songs on 'Safe of Free' showcase Epp's dynamic vocal range and unique songwriting. From the unshakeable love duet This Old House (with Eliza Gilkyson), the dynamic commercial radio ready Working Holiday, to the Ryan Adams-esque rock of Cover Me, and the haunting duets They Won't Find The Bodies (with Brandy Zdan of Twilight Hotel) and I Am The Wind (with Jesse DeNatale).

Emerging from the rich music community of Winnipeg, MB, Matt Epp is known for his diverse personal and musical connections including collaborations with Eliza Gilkyson, Jesse DeNatale, Matt Mays among others. His pre-music history includes professional skateboard film-making and acting, and his preference for homelessness and hitchhiking over a fixed address. His previous release 'Orphan Horse' (2008) was a favorite on CBC radio and Alberta's CKUA radio network. Matt will be on tour in support of 'Safe or Free' in the fall of 2009 in Canada and Europe in early 2010.

And now a word about my third album, Orphan Horse (2008): It was recorded in an old theatre in Winnipeg during an early december blizzard with some good mics, a grand piano and my guitar & harmonicas. It's mostly a solo performance album, but Brian James colours a couple songs nicely, and Kerri Woelke and Shannon Laliberte help me sing a couple of duets. I've had demand over the past couple years for a recording that reflects what I do live at a show.

Love, Matt

Matt Epp

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