Marc Berger

Marc’s life has been about pursuing twin passions: creating and recording his American roots songs, and exploring remote areas of the desert and mountain West. After signing his first publishing contract while in law school, he fronted rock bands and performed regularly in New York City clubs like CBGB, Wetlands, and The Knitting Factory. All through this period, he’d find ways to get into the West, picking up details from fellow wilderness junkies about off the beaten path locales and filing them away for future reference. On one of these trips, he became intrigued by the cover of THE BIG IT, by A.B. Guthrie, a book of short stories he found on a revolving metal rack in a Navajo reservation trading post. It got him thinking about using his travels to create a set of songs in the cultural tradition of writers like Guthrie and visual artists like John Ford and Frederick Remington. Marc and Co-Producer Mike Ricciardi now present RIDE, ten cinematic recordings reflecting his romantic connection to the American West and exploring the value of its myths to contemporary culture.

Marc’s performed at Austin’s South by Southwest Music Festival and The Kerrville Folk Festival and has opened shows for Bob Dylan and other national acts. His song THE LAST ONE has been performed by Richie Havens at disarmament rallies in the US and Europe, quoted in the NY Times, and featured on The CBS Evening News. His song, NOBODY GONNA RIDE ON THE RAILROAD, from RIDE, was honored in the 2009 Billboard Magazine Songwriting Contest.

"A new classic...mirroring the talents of Dylan and Cash, [RIDE] transcends modern acoustic folk...easily one of the best albums I’ve heard in 2012."
-Greg Shaw, Nanobotrock.com

“Echoes the stark, evocative songs of Springsteen’s Nebraska, the cinematic tone of Mark Knopfler and the Lone Star alt-country charms of Guy Clark and Townes Van Zant”


“Not the glossy ‘singing cowboy’ style western music of the romanticised past, but gritty, cinematic tales of the real west... ...at times stripped bare, at other times dramatic and haunting... ...Ride is a musical journey that will bring you endless listening enjoyment and experience like no other album I’ve heard this year.”

- Maverick, UK

“It’s the breathtaking grandeur of the high desert and plateaus suspended between the pioneer days and ten minutes ago… This is country folk music wrought by a working philosopher who’s missed nothing, kept a lot inside for a time, and captured the land”

-Mark S. Tucker, FAME (Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange)

“Guy Clark with more consistently memorable tunes. As much meditations on life itself as on plains life, the songs…never falter. No mistaking it, this is the good stuff”

-Jerome Clark, Rambles.Net

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