The Lombardi Case 1975

A politico’s daughter is murdered in a drug-infested squat in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The newspapers go wild over the sensational crime. You become a rookie cop in this interactive murder mystery and canvas the neighborhood to get to the bottom of the story before the Commissioner replaces the Chief and shuts down the precinct. Watch each other’s backs as you encounter the neighborhood’s junkies, hooker’s, pimps, corrupt cops and mobsters.

Can you save the precinct?

“I loved walking around the neighborhood and seeing it from a different perspective especially since the Lombardi case took place in 1975 and the characters where all dressed and talking as if they were back in the 70's. You can almost see and feel what it must have been like on the streets back then.”

Debra R. Yelp

“The Lombardi Case 1975 was so awesome!! We had so much fun!! I HIGHLY recommend it. They are doing a different murder mystery performance, somewhere else… totally attending that one too.”

KC Audience member 2011

“This was an absolutely wonderful and great evening! I highly recommend it. The interaction with the actors and the experience of being in the action, going back in time, in the middle of NYC, was pure fun! It made me feel like I was a kid again. Don't miss it!”

Nan. Yelp

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