Kelly Jones

About Kelly Jones
• Born in Ridgefield, WA and raised on a horse farm

• Classically trained in piano and dance from the age of 4, and, after starting school, received excellent marks in penmanship and demeanor

• At 12 years, recorded her first original song by layering sounds on a tape machine

• Two years later, experienced a transformative moment in her musical career: watching Mariah Carey perform "Vision of Love" on The Arsenio Hall Show, Kelly knew she would spend her life singing

• During college, spent a year in France; when not studying, sang American pop songs in nightclubs

• Back in the States, picked up the guitar; moved to New York City 3 years later

• 2003: Kelly recorded her first album, Brave Heartache , in Portland, Oregon. With a vocal style and lyrics that are at once clear-eyed and girlish, the songs invite the listener to encounter a bittersweet world with optimism. Musically, the record's Country/Americana sound has gained her a loyal following in the Northwest, NYC, and Scandinavia (of all places)

• 2006: An eclectic follow-up, Handle With Care, introduced Kelly's pop and rock sensibilities. Greater sonic and songwriting complexity characterize this album. The diverse instrumentation of Handle With Care pushed Kelly's sound out of traditional Country and Pop, and gained her a wider fan-base

• Now: Kelly is living and playing in and out of NYC and working on her next record.

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