KASHKA is the ongoing musical project of Kat Burns with the assistance of various friends and collaborators.

The project originally began in 2009 as a way to produce new songs outside of the Forest City Lovers umbrella. A couple digitally released singles [Orinoco EP], recorded with the help of James Bunton (Ohbijou, Light Fires), and a few very fun sporadic shows with the assistance of Chantale Renee (Touch My Stereotype) slowly led me back to the idea that the project wanted to be more than just on the backburner.

Enter winter of 2011/12 and the recording of Vichada.

I really enjoyed writing these new songs; the feelings were different (yet strangely the same?), the method of writing was new (production and beats by James) and the melodies were coming from, what felt like at the time, a new part of my head. Pushing myself (and being pushed by the relentless James Bunton) was part of the project and just as important as the final product.

I acknowledge and completely appreciate the support of the Ontario Arts Council for assisting me in both the composition and the recording of these new songs.

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