Jonathan Sexton

Singer/Songwriter Jonathan Sexton is easy to describe: Great songwriting. Killer Voice. All Heart. Americana-Pop and Reggae that rocks. Speaks to the good (and unruly) in all of us.

According to Knoxville News Sentinel staff writer Randall brown, "Jonathan Sexton is overflowing with big ideas of universal love and good vibes. It's also overflowing with great vocal chops by Sexton and solid musicianship by the Big Love Choir" Its amazing what can happen in a year. Jonathan Sexton went from a solo artist to a frontman, from a man alone on a journey to the leader of a team. "Big Love (2008)" not only allowed Sexton to reclaim his place on the map in the music world, but more importantly it put in place the series of events that led to the creation and solidification of "The Big Love Choir" -at least the core members that as, because the band maintains "if you have a voice you can sing, and if you wanna sing along, then your in the choir" says drummer Dave Campbell. Sexton adds, "thats right, its open invite, as long is its about love and respect, its all family." It truly is all about family, nothing makes this more evident than the addition of Andrew Sexton, Elodie Lafont, and J. Niles Haury to the choir. Drummer Dave "the animal" Campbell has been in since jumpstreet. What was not even a band a year ago is already getting nods from major concert promoters and sharing the stage with some of the biggest acts from around the region such as DMB collaborator Tim Reynolds and singer songwriter Dave Barnes. This incredible momentum is further evidenced by being added to the Sundown in the City concert series line up for 2009. They are also beginning to make waves regionally swapping gigs with some of the best independent musicians the south has to offer. Committed to integrity and hard work, great things lie ahead for Jonathan Sexton and the Big Love Choir ~~Rose Cortez 2009

Jonathan Sexton

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