Jim Hanft

In his debut album “Backyard Waltz,” Jim Hanft has recorded a harmonica laced tale of love, loss and lawnmowers. In an intentionally modest approach to recording, many of the songs are unedited live takes, capturing the honesty of Jim's lyrics and the intimacy of his performances.

Originally, Jim wrote songs to make his brother's friends laugh and his mother's friends cry. Little did he know at the time that he was building a foundation of what would make Jim Hanft such a unique singer/songwriter. "Laughter and pain are two very similar emotions" says Jim, "when you combine the two you make people completely vulnerable yet completely comfortable at the same time." Jim has made this philosophy part of who he is as both a songwriter and performer.

From the boutique coffee shops of Silverlake and Brooklyn to the storied stages of the Troubadour, Hotel Cafe and The Living Room (NYC), Hanft has built a loyal following that continues to grow.

Through writing an original score for the feature film "Mother Of Invention," performing music at comedy and variety shows, and creating the national coalition of songwriters, Birds On A Wire, Jim continues to find alternative outlets to spread his music and grow creatively.

"Jim is genuine and thoughtful, moody and sincere, poetic and raw; yet refined...a wonderful surprise from a young and talented singer/songwriter"
- Veronika Mazepa, Music Creative Affairs, Sony Pictures

"You think folk rock died when Bob Dylan passed his prime? Folk rock is still alive, take Jim Hanft for example, he is the real deal.”
- Ryan Wood, GateHouse Media

"Jim's music and his presence are fun, stimulating and engaging. Although the subject matter strays nowhere near comedy, a sense of humor and lightness invisibly assert themselves in Hanft's songs."
- Landry Malick, LuxuryWafers.com

Photo: Pat Gookin

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