Jessica Lee Morgan

Jessica is delighted to be making her New York debut. From across the Atlantic, Jessica is half Welsh, half Italian, half American and half British. She is throwing herself on the mercy of New Yorkers and has even written a song about this great city.

Jessica has been perfoming all her life. As the daughter of sublime singer Mary Hopkin and legendary record producer Tony Visconti, she tried hard to rebel and become an accountant or a lawyer or something useful, but her roots forced her at last and perhaps belatedly into music and following in their footsteps, as her brother, composer Morgan Visconti, had done from a tender age. Writing songs since she was four, she finally got her first album out.

"I Am Not" is about the many faces of Jessica. One minute petulant, the next brooding, then after that playful, styles are plundered to suit the mood of the song. Jessica's arrangements have been polished and sprinkled with fairy dust by Morgan and Tony, and harmonies bolstered by the tremendous vocals of Mary.

Armed only with a guitar, healthy lungs and some heartfelt songs, Jessica is looking forward to entertaining the guests at the Living Room.

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