Jenna Nicholls

A native of a small town outside of the blue collar steel city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Jenna grew up like most did her her town, listening to folk music on the neighbor's porch, gliding on a swing with a glass of lemonade. One rainy day she packed her bags, and ventured out of her little town to Boston, then to NY. She found and fell in love with the big city and all the music it brought with it: jazz, classical; any kind of rhythm or melody she could find. That's all there in her own music. All of the innocence, love, loss, and hope for what life has in store is heard in her voice. Since then, Jenna's career has been on a steady upward climb. She has performed with a variety of well known and talented artists, Chris Whitley, The Hothouse Flowers, Nouvelle Vague, and The Frames. In 2008 she released her debut album, "Curled Up Toes in Red Mary Janes" featured on ABC's Boston Med in 2010. She is preparing for her sophomore release "In the Blooming Hours". She currently resides, and performs in NYC.

Photo: Patrick Glennon

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