Jeff Beam

Jeff Beam is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter from Portland, Maine. He writes, performs, records, & releases melodic experimental pop music tinged with kaleidoscopic soundscapes, inspired by the songwriting of The Beatles, Elliott Smith, & The Kinks, and the sonic textures by the likes of Olivia Tremor Control, Deerhunter, & The Flaming Lips. His recordings are a one-man odyssey; his live shows ...revolve around an energetic band of his good friends.

At 25 years of age, Beam already has 5 self-produced full-length solo albums to his name, as well as a handful of EPs. The release of 2012’s "Be Your Own Mirror", Beam’s most focused effort yet, brought forth a barrage of positive press, both in the US and overseas. Multiple ensuing tours of the East Coast culminated in opening slots for a pair of indie sensations: Wintersleep & Deer Tick.

"Be Your Own Mirror" contains observations on humanity, existence, perception, and the attempt to find inner peace amidst a tumultuous outer world. Musically, Beam seeks to fuse together catchy-yet-unorthodox pop melody with psychedelic sound textures & colourful instrumentation.

Aside from his solo career, he currently plays bass in The Milkman’s Union and guitar with Lady Lamb the Beekeeper.

Photo by Matt Robbins

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