Inni-K is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Co. Kildare, Ireland. Rooted in traditional music and song from an early age, Inni-K now explores her unique flavour of Indie Folk, plying her craft by singing and playing various instruments which include piano, fiddle and ukelele. She skillfully weaves these elements together using electronic loops and single-handedly creates an atmosphere for her audience which is both uplifting and spine tingling.

Inni-K has gained the attention of the media at home in Ireland and abroad, featuring earlier this year on RTE’s prestigious Other Voices series, as well as being championed by 2fm's Dan Hegarty, among others. Her EP 'Gentle Star', which was produced by Jason Boshoff in London is available on itunes and CD Baby. It gives an exciting foretaste of the album that is to come in 2013.

'Inni-K is a force to watch. She is more than a singer, more than a musician and she is both in great measure.' - Liam Ó Maonlaí

'Building a song from a foundation of the ukulele and a percussive music box with her loop pedal, she provides beatbox vocals in a folk song with a twist. It’s fascinating to watch and its good stuff, quite unlike anything else that’s going on around the festival'
- Justin McDaid, Goldenplec 10-10-'12, reviewing Inni-K at HWCH festival

'Inni-K’s EP, called Gentle Star, has four brand new, very personal songs on it, the promotional video for one of which, ‘Gentle Star’, has attracted over 77,000 views…' - The Journal of Music, 01-06-'12

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