Hillary Barleaux

"I'm haunted. That's what all her songs do. Even on first listen, they just seep into your primal brain stem. Where the unexplainable emotional cortex lies. She just has this uncanny ability to mix lyrics and notes to make an emotional response. It can't be faked."
-Melissa Davis, Greyhouse Publications

Hillary began playing piano at four, making up little melodies in her dad's office on her grandfather's old Steinway upright in Upstate New York. Since then, she has played over 50 events, shows, and festivals. She has attented countless open mics, had radio play on several local stations, and has written over 100 songs. She has been formally trained vocally for over 10 years, and has performed in over 30 school productions.

Hillary is enrolled at Berklee College of Music for Fall 2007, where she plans to major in Songwriting. She also thinks writing in third person is extremely narcisistic....

Hillary Barleaux

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