Happy Ending

“Happy Ending are here to make you feel, with Lennon-esq vocals and instrumentation that lends diversity. What works best with “Turn It On” is to do just that.”

- S.O.U.L Magazine review

“catchy, melodic indie-rock with words that show a world-wise experience with hope at the end of the tunnel…” - Amazon review

“These guys have taken the best of their influences and created something that feels truly original…”- iTunes review

Happy Ending is the gritty, pop-rock duo of Carl Bishop and Mike Goodenow. Their songs are tightly crafted hook-filled melodic anthems filtered through the noise of modern-day New York City, as if Guided by Voices were jammed into a speeding cab with The Cure driven by Smashing Pumpkins. Their live performance propels you along a psychedelic, pop-rock ride as Mike’s effect-drenched guitar attacks in quickening waves while Carl pounds out the rhythm and sings lead while controlling his own vocal effects from behind the kit. The result is an acrobatic and uniquely entertaining rock show.

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