The Habit

The Habit was born in the vocals. The diversity & distinctiveness of voices that ranges from folk and country to all-out rock. From the start, the group had one goal in mind: play American music. The music steeped in the language of the immigrants who made the music “American”. The idea tossed around was to call the band “Dirt”. Dirt being the common denominator. Through the fingers, the feet and the language of a hundred years or so of recorded music, and the soot that came before. Ultimately, they settled on The Habit. The “habit” being the tendency to wander … and The Habit EP is stocked with traveling songs. Moving for comfort, for reward, or out of necessity, through the observations of four different lead vocalists. When country/folk guitarist Brian Mendes, indie/punk rock guitarist Will Croxton, keyboard player Siobhan Glennon, avant jazz bassist Drew Goldstone (all singers), and drummer James Pelletier got together, they talked about John & Alan Lomax's cataloging songs that never made themselves to page. American folk songs. Written and rewritten, sung and spoke, played, improved or ruined by every artist or group of artists known and unknown since the birth of recorded music. This would be the template. The Habit EP continues the lineage, whether it's borrowing and adding to the lyrics of anonymous cowboy songs from over a century ago (“The Habit”, “The Killer”, & “Hellbound Train”), or nicking the title of a late 1700's song and setting in it present day Iraq (“Son of the Desert Am I”). They've also thrown in Woody Guthrie, Lucinda Williams & Washington Phillips' songs they loved. To them, it's acknowledging the forefathers & keeping the spirit vital and relevant. Make no mistake, The Habit are not purists, they revel in adding different musical styles to traditional forms like many before & have added a growing stable of originals (“Wrong” on the EP) to boot. The band gathered in the lower east side of NYC to record the EP at N.Y. Hed studios, home of many a dirt slingin bands (Jon Spencer, Heavy Trash, The Fleshtones, Speedball Baby among em). The mix of analog tape, a vintage board and the talents of engineer/overseer/punk legend Ivan Julian (Richard Hell & the Voidoids) added the final touch to a mix that finishes the introduction. Meet The Habit. The seeds are well entrenched.

The Habit

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