“What they play is the future of bluegrass, not the past.” ~Lucid Culture

Frankenpine's roots reach from the subway platform to the deep dark woods. This Brooklyn-based string band mines bluegrass, rock, folk and country to forge its own place in Americana and roots music. Its songs span a range of topics: murderous outlaws, intrepid reporters, local dives and new starts. Frankenpine’s players show restraint when they need to, but with banjo, fiddle, resonator and acoustic guitars, mandolin, bass, accordion and nearly as many singers in its ranks, the band is primed for picking fast and barely bridled.

The band formed as a trio in 2007 and has since grown to include Kim and Matthew Chase, Liz Bisbee, Ned P. Rauch, Colin DeHond and sometimes Andy Mullen. They play acoustic and resonator guitars, mandolin, bass, fiddle, harmonica, banjo, accordion, percussion and whatever else is within reach. The band has appeared on WNYC, WKCR (Columbia University’s radio station) and North Country Public Radio and performs regularly around New York City.

The Crooked Mountain, Frankenpine's full-length debut, nods to tradition without bowing to it. Recorded mostly in the band's home base of Brooklyn, it tells stories of nightmarish madhouses and outlaw gunfighters; of getting knocked around and licking your wounds. Bluegrass, country and folk provide the foundation of the band’s sound, but Frankenpine’s original music draws on a wide range of influences, including blues, gypsy jazz, rock and old-time. The result is a set of songs with propulsive rhythms and searing solos, tight arrangements and soaring vocal harmonies. The fiddle climbs, the guitars churn. The banjo rolls and the bass digs in.

"The Brooklyn collective play warm bluegrass inspired by rock, country and blues, and they'll make you think you're up in the hills of Southern Appalachia instead of in a club in Williamsburg." ~Alana Harper, WNYC

"This is not just another band that shows some promise; they look the part and are true seasoned musicians ...Occasionally the whole band will join in to reach a crescendo, and this is where Frankenpine really rocks out." ~Wyatt Marshall, Rock NYC

"One of Brooklyn Country’s most beloved acts... putting together one of the most powerful and pioneering line-ups in the Brooklyn bluegrass tradition." ~Jeph Duarte, Brooklyncountry.com

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