Erene, Italian born, moved to New York City in March 2000 when she realized that her songwriting was influenced by American music as much as by Italian songwriters. Her desire to learn from great American musicians drove her to choose New York City as her new home. Erene felt immediately at ease in the City and started performing right away in cafes of the Lower East Side. The warm and enthusiastic reaction of the audience was a sign that she was in the right place.

Back in Italy she started studying classical guitar and piano at a very young age, as a teenager she also began training as a jazz vocalist at “Centro Jazz” in Turin and at “Civici Corsi di Jazz” in Milan. In 1996 she discovered the “Functional Method of the Voice” by Gisela Rohmert. Erene has been studying the method in Germany and Italy ever since.

In 1997 Erene traveled to San Francisco to produce a demo with virtuoso guitarist Peppino D’Agostino, here she also had the chance to meet producer Corrado Rustici. At this time she started developing the idea to one day live in the US.

Erene won the Greenage Festival (national music competition) in Turin, Italy, in 2002 and in that occasion she opened for the world wide known percussionist Trilok Gurtu.

The Italian singer and songwriter now performs regularly in clubs such as The Living Room, Bitter End, Makor, Rockwood Music Hall, and travels to Austin, TX, several times a year to perform at Saxon Pub, Threadgill’s, and Momo’s among other local clubs. Austin, the so called “capital of the live music” welcomed Erene with love and great enthusiasm as well, fascinated by her enchanting voice, solid guitar playing and sophisticated songwriting.

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