Emily Cavanagh

So there is this girl. She sings songs she writes on a piano in a tiny room in a city she once dreamed she would only visit. Writing words on napkins in dark rooms and bars where many of her pals pour drinks and tell her of their days, this girl sings in these same places on stages where people come to watch her play. Her name is Emily. She has an infectious laugh, and will remember your birthday whether you want her to or not. Emily writes songs about the heart. Its triumphs. Its breaks. Its wars. Its strange resilience. She herself is no stranger to these things. Her songs are poems, emotionally charged and brooding with a magical warmth that feels at home playing out of a radio or keeping one company while driving a long road.

Her music: Well for starters there is a voice that crackles with the influence of jazz as much as it does with that of folk, and calls to mind the playfulness of Regina Spektor and the delivery of Zee Avi. Comparisons with the late Phoebe Snow and Eva Cassidy have often made this fair haired green eyed beauty blush. She finds herself comfortably at home between genres. Her 2008 demo debut was well received and earned the young singer high praise. She has since grown more and more into her voice, making this album her true debut. Equipped with a great range and delivery, Emily has a natural gift for making a song truly beautiful for its listener. She has an innate ability to hear a song and make it her own, and does this in a way that seems effortless. Emily believes that at the heart of a good song is a good story. She comes by good stories easily. She is one of many in a big Irish family. Her grandmother was a singer in Chicago.

Her new album titled "More Than This" is anticipated to be released this May and scheduled for two CD release shows, one in New YorkCity's “Bitter End” and one in Chicago late this summer. Co-written with her pianist and dear friend, Nir Sadovnik, this new album is chock-full of tracks that run the gamut of indie pop,jazz, folk and even a touch of Americana, yet all the while there is a current running through: a voice that soars. Currently recording in New York City's KMA studios, Emily splits her time between the studio and stage, and is so naturally at home on stage. Her presence is as warm as she is, and has been called "the kind of stage presence where this gifted girl is drawing us in instead of pushing herself out. There is something about her spirit that reveals itself in her music(Crushing Krisis Blog. )” Sadovnik's piano playing compliments Cavanagh's voice in such a remarkable way,and their live set has continued to earn them great respect in music reviews, blogs, and by their dedicated following. Emily is also excited about the release of her first album with engineer Taylor Christoffel titled "Says You."

Emily spends her days as a social worker, working in a clinic in Brooklyn,finding homes for people who do not have them. She is dedicated to her work with the homeless, getting them beds to sleep in and warm shoes to wear in New York city winters. Emily has inspired many of her clients to write their own songs.

So there is this girl and she writes songs that you should hear. They begin as a jumble of words on a napkin and somehow have grown into a collection of works. If you do not know her yet, you will soon. There is hope in what she sings. Honesty in how she sings it. Her words will as readily break your heart as they will bring you comfort. By the time you realize just what has happened, you will recognize that this very girl is the same girl who smiles like she knows something the rest of us are waiting to discover. Kinda makes you wonder what will come next....

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