Elin Ruth

"This Swedish singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist is well established in her homeland and has done several tours all over Europe. She has released four full length albums, and nowadays, after breaking with a major record company, she also runs her own record label. Catch one of Elin Ruths solo shows, and she will embrace you with her clever lyrics and soulful songs. Her whisky raspy voice is accompanied only by her acoustic guitar and her very strong presence."

Background: "Elin Ruths country rock-tinged debut album Saturday Light Naive (2003) was produced by Lars Winnerbäck, one of Sweden's biggest rock artists. Critics and audience alike agreed that the 21 years young singer, guitarist and songwriter Elin had emerged a fully-formed artist. The debut album spawned four nationwide radio hits, two Swedish Grammy nominations, two Rockbjörnen nominations, a P3 Guld-nomination, great sales, great reviews and a prize for Newcomer Of the Year by The Swedish Music Publishers Association. Since then she has released 3 full length albums: Smithereens in 2005, A Fiction in 2008, and Cookatoo Friends in 2010. She has recently moved from Stockholm to New York, and is currently working on an acoustic EP."
c EP."

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