Demolition String Band

SANTA MONICA MIRROR: "Skye's singing is powerful but mindful of the quiet ache in the voice that can
communicate as much as a howl. The twang from Reiners guitar is equally memorable...Skye and Reiners
don't file down the rough edges and their music has a whisky wallop to it."

Eminent mainstays of New York's bluegrass and country-rock scene, Elena Skye and Boo Reiners bring their singular Demolition String Band back to their roots in their latest album Gracious Days. The set showcases traditional-styled originals like Skye's "Misfortune" and Reiners' "Under The Weather" along with meaningful covers from Woody Guthrie, Appalachian old-timey singer-songwriter Ola Belle Reed, legendary outsider
Blaze Foley and even The Ramones. But whatever the sources, Skye and Reiners--and their gathering of
stellar guest musicians--stamp them with their own indelible and instantly recognizable signature.

Gracious Days release date: March 6th, 2012 from Varese Vintage http://varesevintage.wordpress.com/
The new album is produced by three time Grammy Award winner Steve Rosenthal.

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