Chris Riffle

Born in a cabin in the woods of Bothell, Washington, Chris Riffle has lived in and around the Northwest most of his life. He went to college at a liberal art school, Fairhaven College, in Bellingham Washington and studied audio recording.
Throughout highschool and into college he was a founding member of Chrysler-Stewart and the Stewartesses, a lounge pop ensemble borrowing styles from Sergio Mendez and the Brasil 66, the B-52s, Jan & Dean, and Combustible Edison. Chris played guitar, bass, keyboards and sang for the group.
In college he started branching out on his own and singing and recording his own songs. One of these singles "Wonderboy" made it's way to KUGS and became a local favorite... "Evidently, I wasn’t the only one enamored of Chris. Through my incessant phone calls to KUGS to demand they play one or the other of the two songs they had in their rotation, I found out that his songs were among the most requested.” Carey Ross – What’s Up Magazine. . . .
Performing he started out opening for high profile acts like Death Cab for Cutie, Mary Lou Lord and Dub Narcotic Sound System and made a splash on the Bellingham music scene. A favorite of Bellingham radio stations, he got signed and recorded his first album but the record label went under before they ever released it. He has released his own album independently and been resurfacing around local Seattle and New York clubs.
Chris now lives in the East Village in New York City and is working on releasing his next album...

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