Chris Cubeta and The Liars Club

Chris Cubeta and The Liars Club is a brash, Americana rock band from Brooklyn led by compelling and charismatic frontman Chris Cubeta. Cubeta is a relentless songwriter whose lyrics combine nuance-soaked imagery with incisive observations. The band’s sound is equally eclectic, combining the wispy, sensitivity of the singer/songwriter with the unbridled thrill of rock and roll. Fresh off their first-ever residency at The Living Room in June of 2008 as well as a packed Saturday night summer gig at Mercury Lounge, The Liars Club is ready to take off.
In 2007, Cubeta and the band released the Change EP, a stripped-down, 7-song EP highlighted by the reflective title track that ponders the inertia of quiet lives and the struggle to evolve as human beings. The EP came on the heels of 2006’s Faithful, the band’s first New York City-based record. All of Cubeta’s albums - including his inaugural effort Sugar Sky (2003) - are artistic declarations, full of offbeat characters, ecstatic revelations and unfiltered emotion. In Cubeta’s universe, the heroes are the heartbroken vagabonds, the wistful winos and all the other overlooked beauty-seekers of his “crooked candy world.” Both Change and Faithful are the kind of records that unabashedly announce the arrival of a new and necessary young artist whose urgent and desperate approach to songwriting is all too rare in contemporary music. Says Jason Warburg of The Daily Vault, “(Faithful) is literate roots-rock of the first order, full of sharply-drawn characters, powerful arrangements and raw revelations, sung in a voice passionate enough to dare any cynic to believe.” Time Out New York calls The Liars Club “ a sturdy, passionate, local roots-rock quartet.”
The Liars Club’s live show is bolstered by a high-octane band – Jeff Berner on guitars, Marc Capaldo on drums and John Passineau on bass. Each brings his own flair to a show that is a dynamic blend of passionate, guitar-infused energy and down-home, rootsy melancholy. Cubeta presides over every gig with the subtle and sure hand of a seasoned performer, deftly alternating between wowing the crowd with his guitar and telling the silhouetted stories of the unsung.
In addition to being an accomplished and versatile musician, Cubeta is also a skilled solo performer who has opened several times for Chris Trapper (formerly of The Pushstars). A longtime resident of upstate New York, Chris moved to Brooklyn in 2005 and the band has since played prime slots at some of the city's most prestigious rooms – Pianos, The Bitter End, Trash, The Delancey, Crash Mansion and Rockwood Music Hall to name a few. In 2007, The Liars Club opened for singer-songwriter Gary Jules (“Mad World,” Donnie Darko soundtrack) and embarked on its first-ever East Coast tour, with stops in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Raleigh, Nashville, Boston and others.

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