Chris Blacker

A recent arrival in New York City, Chris Blacker spent seven years performing professionally in the Seattle area. There he collaborated with artists including cabaret-noir act Circus Contraption, gypsy jazz groups Hot Club Sandwich and Pearl Django, classical pianist/composer Amy Rubin, folk singer Jes Raymond, and music theater legend Jon Cypher.

In 2006 Chris Blacker received an ASCAP Foundation Young Jazz Composer Award for his composition “Tidal.” The award, and the encouragement of friends and band-mates led him to record his first album, “Out of Chaos,” a cinematic collection of instrumental jazz that combined elaborate, classical forms with improvisation and a strong pop undertone. “Out of Chaos” was released in the summer of 2008. Meanwhile, some of the frenzied scribbles that led to “Out of Chaos” gave birth to a different sound, one that called for voice and lyrics instead of saxophone. In the fall of 2008, Chris Blacker completed a small, self-produced demo of his songs, entitled “Labyrinths.”

2009 saw Chris Blacker on stage primarily as a singer-songwriter, playing for growing audiences captivated by his unique and highly evocative brand of piano-pop. His sophisticated music, impeccable piano playing, and disarmingly personal lyrics have won him fans of all ages, genders, and orientations.

On May 1st of 2010, Chris Blacker released his first definitive EP as an indie pop singer, entitled “Another Red Night.” Featuring contributions by members of Throw Me the Statue, the Asylum Street Spankers, and Slow Skate, this new record shows his lyrics becoming more focused, his voice singing with a newfound range and confidence, and his pop sensibilities sharper and stronger than ever.

Chris Blacker

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