Cariad Harmon

"Cariad Harmon...comes from a lineage of jazzy singer-songwriters that includes Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones. Her modest, lovely debut is a slow-burning set of piano-based torch songs and acoustic-Guitar Ballads. Like Mitchell and Jones, the fragile-voced Harmon endearingly cuts off her words at the ends of her lines; unlike them, her lyrics seem to span many decades"- Rolling Stone

"Four Letters is a well-crafted debut that’s undeniably relaxing to listen to...I’m sure this album would be an enjoyable listen for fans of Sarah McLachlan, Cat Power, and any other individuals (like me) who lament the end of happy summer days spent frolicking at Lilith Fair. When the festival returns (in the summer of 2010) perhaps we’ll see Cariad Harmon on the roster. " - Verbicide Magazine

"Singer/musician/songwriter...when you find someone who can execute all of these elements with something that sounds close to perfection, you want to make sure everyone knows...One may be quick to compare her to Regina Spektor, Sarah McLachlan, or even Carole King...Harmon sounds like she’ll be able to pave her own path and tell everyone in front of her to step out of the way. She is a stand-out artist, and anyone who takes a listen will become instant fans." - This is Book's Music

Cariad Harmon

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