Anthony Kapfer

Anthony Kapfer is a NYC born musician, screen writer, director, and animator. He began playing music at age 10. He spent the next 14 years trying to make a career in music. He drummed in many bands.

His first band Good Grief made a name for themselves in the Brooklyn All Ages scene in the early 2000's. They went on hiatus in 2005, and have yet to return.

The next band he joined The Nerve! was signed to Heyday Records and worked with producer Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, who is currently playing guitar in Guns 'N' Roses. They broke up in 2006.

Next he started a band called Kung-Fu Grip, with Ricky Wells (his cousin and long time musical collaborator, with whom he was in Good Grief with). Kung-Fu Grip was a project where Anthony could write his own songs, and sing them. At first he was the singer guitar player. But after going through many line ups and not being satisfied with any of the bands drummers, he began singing and playing drums live.

The first Kung-Fu Grip album was recorded entirely by Anthony alone, with Ricky Wells producing and engineering the album. The second album was more of a collaboration between Anthony and Ricky. It was engineered by Ben Rice who has worked with the Mooney Suzuki.

On December 31, 2007, Kung-Fu Grip opened for one of their favorite bands of all time...Local H. The show was at Subterranean in Chicago IL. It was a sold out show.

In March 2009, Kung-Fu Grip went on hiatus so Anthony could focus on his newest band, ALOKE. The band featured Christian Zucconi, who had recently left the band Pagoda (fronted by actor Michael Pitt) to focus on his own project. Aloke played SXSW, just two weeks after Anthony auditioned for the band. They spent the next few months rehearsing and playing live furiously. They went into the studio in May 2009 to record what was supposed to be the first half of the band's new album. They recorded seven tracks in 4 days. The band was planning a tour and more recording in L.A. On May 30th, 2009 they played what was to be their last show. Within days the band would dissolve.

At the age of 24, with all of his musical projects falling apart, Anthony decided to start a sketch comedy/cartoon show called Among Themselves with a few friends. The idea (and the name) was actually being kicked around for 5 years. In the summer of 2009, Anthony, Chris Hackett, Ricky Wells, and Cory LoSapio started writing, acting in, and filming the first couple of episodes. These episodes have been screened at various bars in NYC.

In the Fall of 2009, Anthony began writing and recording his first solo album. It is a departure from Kung-Fu Grip. This solo album is a softer acoustic album which showcases Anthony's voice and his catchy, melodic songwriting. Again, Ricky Wells lends his bass and lead guitar skills on a few tracks. The album is a concept album, about the end of a long term relationship, written and recorded as the relationship was ending. The album will be released in January 2010 and will be available to download for free on this website.

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